Friends of Paxos

Events: Drilling for Petrol in the Ionian Sea

Friends of Paxos and the association Fossil-Free Corfu with the support of WWF Greece have the pleasure of inviting you to the visual presentation and discussion - “Drilling for Petrol in the Ionian Sea”- to be held at the Gaios Public Library (KIP) on Tuesday 25 June at 7:30 pm with free entry.

We will be discussing :

  • The impact of surveys and excavations on the sea environment (Olivier Vardakoulias will be giving a presentation by Dimitiri Ibrahim of WWF)
  • Risks to the economy of the Ionian islands, notably tourism. (Olivier Vardakoulias)
  • Excavations in the Ionian sea: Plans of the Greek state, climate change, and emerging movements. (Kostas Kaloudis ofFossil Free Corfu, IEF)

The presentations will be held in both Greek and in English and will be followed by a Q & A session.

Our aim is to inform the residents of Paxos and raise awareness about future projects that are potentially very damaging to the environment and economic well-being of the Ionian islands.


  • Olivier Vardakoulias was born in Paris. He is an economist specializing in international development with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the Ecole des sciences politiques in Paris (Sciences Po) and a post-graduate degree in environmental economy from the University of Edinburgh. He joined WWF Greece in 2018 as coordinator of economic policies. In his free time he travels and militates as much as he can for the preservation of the global maritime environment.
  • Kostas Kaloudis is an environmentalist specializing in climate change and renewable energies. He was born and raised in Corfu, loves nature and the civilization of the Ionian islands. He has collaborated with European and environmental organizations and is a founding member of the association Fossil-Free Corfu.
  • Fossil-Free Corfu was founded with the aim of uniting all Corfiots and Paxiots against the new program of seabed excavations in search of hydrocarbons in the Ionian sea and militates for the transition to a clean and healthy future without fossil fuels.

The association is independent of all political parties and other institutions. Fossil-Free Corfu collaborates with other associations in various parts of Western Greece against the extraction of petrol and natural gas in Greece. The association seeks to preserve its own voice and its independence in the formulation of its appeals, positions and strategy.