Friends of Paxos

News: Park above Giannas beach – Gaios

View from the Giannas park toward Agios Nikolaos and Panagia islands

This little park is located above the pebble beach of Giannas just after the Anemogiannis statue and is the first resting point on the sea coast road south of Gaios. It offers lovely sea views of Agios Nikolaos and Panagia islands as well as of the distant mainland mountains and is frequently used by bathers and children who sit in the shade of its trees. The plot of land for it was donated to the municipality by Ourania Makri and the bronze bust of her husband General Xenophon Makris, founder of Paxos Social Welfare Foundation (KIP library and Health Center) is placed there. Today it is overgrown with weeds and wild plants and most of the stone paths and stone benches are in bad repair.

Last summer FOP members Villy Malami and Martine Berthélémé suggested the Friends of Paxos launch a renovation project for the abandoned park. In November civil engineer, Dionisis Sikelianos completed the topography of the park and sent it to Corfu and Paxos architect Marilena Koskina, who will be providing a renovation study of the park. We thank them both warmly for their free contributions and their time!

The mayor’s office has thanked FOP for initiating the renovation project and has assured us that local authorities are ready to provide the appropriate funding to complete the renovation of the park before the summer of 2017.

Broken flagstones and benches at Giannas park overgrown with weeds.